Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 | 8:41 A.M.

health care

I am really at a loss about this whole health care reform. To me, it seems that everyone should be on board with this because it would help everyone; everyone would be able to get affordable health care and get good coverage. But more and more, it seems both sides are too focused on their own party lines that they have stopped caring about who they are helping, and only caring about the agenda they are forcing. I am as angry with Democrats as I am with Republicans.

Listening to NPR this morning, they had a Republican rep on the phone talking about Obama's State of the Union address (which I did not listen to b/c I had previous engagements to attend) and was asked the question "has he or his party said yes to anything the President has proposed?" He responded with "yes, of course. When it came to the Afgan/Pakistan surge, we agreed unanimously, while some Dems did not." Really? This is your resounding yes that you are beyond party lines? That's like asking a Democrat if he's in favor of civil rights or a woman's right to choose. YOUR A REPUBLICAN! YOU'RE ALL ABOUT WARS AND BLOWING SHIT UP!

I also find repulsive the notion that all the republicans are doing is saying "no" to Obama's plan. I'm not hearing anything about what their National Health Care plan is, but maybe I am not close enough to the pulse to understand. But if all I hear is them saying "no", that means they are saying "yes" to the current health care system. I've been hearing from some conservatives that our system is the best system in the world and that the people have spoken in Mass. and around the country that they do not like nor want a National Health Care system.

Really? Okay, first, just because the U.S.A has some of the best doctors and hospitals and research facilities in the world, does NOT mean that our system, by extension, is the best. You can have the best employees or the best management team ever, but your company could still be in the dumpster. And I am pretty sure that changing the system won't magically change how doctors work or hospitals cure people. Maybe I am naive about this. Also, by people saying that are system is the best, that other major countries in the world, their health care systems are crap and we should go in and fix theirs up to match ours (sound familiar with govts and democracy?). I'm pretty sure if an American goes over to France or England or Germany and gets in an accident and has to succumb to the inferior health care system of abroad, they will be glad that they do not have to worry about paying (at least not much) for hospital stay, doctor visits, or medical treatments.

It baffles the mind. I haven't spoken to any foreigners about what they think about our health care system, but I have to believe they think our is all about profit, which it is. It is run by businesses who's sole purpose is to make a profit. That's it. They only try to help people is because that means a larger profit. Why would anyone want a health care system that only cares about money and not the people they are insuring? Why would anyone want a system that will deny you coverage because you are too expensive or have a pre-existing condition? is it your fault you've had diabeties your whole life, and now you're are being punished for it by paying more money or not getting coverage?

I believe I heard a report done by Fox News that 33% of American do not have health care or do not get it from their job. And everyone was shocked and saying people are lazy and it's their fault for health care costs going up. Since I went to college and was a Poli Sci major, I've had my fair share of polls and reports and how easily they can be manipulated. For one, if someone is self-employed, they have to get private insurance, which can be terribly high. So if it costs too much, then why get it? My wife doesn't get health insurance thru her job; it doesn't mean she doesn't have health insurance because she does (thru me), but according to the poll, she would fit under the "employees who do not take advantage of their employers health care program".

I have stated before that some politicians are saying that Americans have spoken about their dislike of Obama's health care plan as of the result in Mass. Senate race. What really irritates me is the notion that Congressmen are voting based on what their citizens are telling them. In this case, it is "no" for health care reform. This is a dangerous path to go down. What I mean by that is "negative agreement". Saying you agree with someone based on a "negative" action. For example, you run on a "no raise taxes" platform or you like someone because you both dislike someone or something. This dangerous because it never gets to the core of what people actually want. If I listened to everyone in my office about what music they didn't like so I'll know what music to play on the radio, it would eliminate every station available, so my reaction would be to not play the radio at all. I'm only doing what the people are telling me based on negative responses. But they are not happy because they wanted to listen to music, not silence. By only doing what someone doesn't want, you are not getting at what they do want. Which, to my understanding, is the purpose of public or civil service.

In closing, I want heath care reform to pass, but if it doesn't, I still believe this current administration can do something about health care. Much some some insurance companies, the govt should either refund or incentivize using a facility to lose weight. Obesity is the main culprit in the rising cost of health care. Congress needs to pass laws mandating interstate chain/franchised restaurants to disclose calories in their food. Have business receive tax incentives for setting up plans for getting their workers to work-out during work hours or have something in place for workers to work-out after hours. Maybe have free screenings for cholesterol and diabeties. Bottom line is if we shrink our waist line, then we'll be happier and use the doctors and health insurances less. So even if health care goes up, we won't be using it.

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