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Diary Reviews

Overall: 2101/2320 = 90.56% = A-

Hendrix Reviews
This is my review site. It is reviewed by people who go to Hendrix College. We are a strange bunch.

Diaryreviews = my review
My first review. I rather like it execpt when she said she might come back if she was bored. Maybe I am long-winded, do you think she's right? 91/100 = A-

Mew Review = my review
Another good review. She really liked what I had to say. And as you can see, I am starting to capitalize the appropiate letters. I hope all you diary reviewers are happy now; I sure am. 94/100 = A-

My-Reviews = my review
wow, I just have to say, wow. I don't think I have come close to crying while being happy in a long time. This review literally Rocked My World! NMJ, you are now my new hero. Only problem is, I have to review her! Oh God, Oh the PRESSURE! p.s. I hope you liked all the capital I's layin about.

Etheralrevu = my review
well, though she disagrees, this is my first low score review. I got a 79/100. She said 'don't let the score fool you, you're diary is good.' I don't know, I guess I am just a stickler for the end result. It is not like I didn't like what she wrote, I do, it is just the score. Oh well, nice review.

Plain and Simple review = my review
Wow, I am a popular boy. I think I have had 3-4 review in about a day or so. She is right, I do benefit from my diary, even in the most slight, mini-(squle?) way. I still just wish I knew how to add my mesmorizing writing style that I have in my diary into my papers. 93/100 = A-

Rock Star Review = my review
You know what I love about some review sites, it the fact they say my diary is great with soo much emotion and they connect with me, then I get like a 3/5 or 6/10 if they would come back. So you like my diary, but don't know if you would come back - okay. Oh, by the way, it's Jim Carrey in my diary; they didn't know. Great review though! 97/100 = A

Tiki-Reviews = my review
Huh, I'm very addictive. I must be the new drug on the market. Come try me, I'll give you a new high. That's refreshing to think of me as an addictive drug, because non-addictive drugs just suck ass. 98/100 = A

Bop-Reviews = my review
This was a good review, but wasn't lengthy. I also find it humorous when someone says that my writing is great and loves my diary, and I do not get a perfect score. Maybe I'm don't have that extra uhmph to get that perfect score. At least I'm not annoying. 37/40 = A-

Dream Reviews = my review
It was a good review, nothing really to complain about. She does want me to add a cast page; only problem I see with that is I really do not talk about other people in my diary, and if I do, it is M-lady (morgaineldy). I also need to fix that layout to fit all screens like the 8 by 6 kinds, but nothing too insightful to say. 91/100 = A-

Shibby Reviews = my review
It is great to find someone else who loves Eddie Izzard. Even though she talked in third person (which didn't bother me that much), this was one of my best reviews ever, if not the best.

shibby review

Sweet Reviews = my review
She says that I express myself very well in my diary. That it feels like I am having a conversation with whoever is ready my diary. The funny thing about this is, why can't I express myself in the same way when I am actually talking to someone? 95/100 = A

Chinadoll Review = my review
I think this review has began to make me believe that it is good for a guy to have such strong emotions, as the reviewer said, "Men who write with this much emotion and honesty don't just happen along every day, y'know!" So that makes me feel good. Perfect score, can't go wrong with that. Oh, and I my writing is fleshy! 100/100 = A+

Alone reviews = my review
Not too much I can say about this review. It does say I am funny, and have a humor when going about my problems, which I guess is true. And I got a perfect score, so that's good stuff. 80/80 = A+

Psychedelic Reviews = my review
This, I have to say, was one of the most enjoyable reviews I have recieved. Besides that fact that I did get a perfect score, she went into detail about my diary, not just this was good or stuff like that, but assestment on my life through my diary. This was an excellent review. 100/100 = A+

Unique Reviews = my review
I don't know. It is a good review. I ended up getting an A/A- , don't know which, but the emotion part bothered me. I got a B, and I think i put lots of emotion; guess it is my hinding nature.

Enigma Review = my review
dum dum dum...oh yes, the dreaded Enigma Review. Though I thought it wasn't bad, though it was my worst score, a 76/100, but not bad. I really enjoyed what she said in the content portion, thought that she was the first person to see how I feel about myself and others. And no, I didn't know what the saying 'Don't cry over spilt milk' meant. Thought it was don't cry over things that you've messed up, which I don't cry, but I don't get over either. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Dream Review = my review
Yes, I am a bit confused right now, and yes, this diary has become my therapy. I just hope, that when certain issues arise, I'll be able to write them down. I may end up having three diaries: this one, personal one, and event one; but who knows. good review, especially when I get a 95/100!

Review World = my review
I think that this review has thrown me for a loop. It did point out some things that I never have seen before in a review about my diary, and gave me some advice that I haven't had before - use your natural humor - instead of more emotion. I was upset by the layout score. I don't know, maybe it is because I've always recieved a high layout score, don't know; just bothers me. She also says that my diary isn't deep or depressing (thank god for that). I like to think my diary has meaning and will make you ponder, but I'm glad I'm not depressing (hey, maybe this thing is helping me out...) 81/100 = B-
my re-review
I think I pissed her off. Yeah, she was pissed, so this is why my score was low. Nothing changes, not really, in people, to have something new and exciting every couple of months. Doesn't happen. People get tired of reading and people get tired of coming up with new things to write about to satisfy the masses. Yeah, I think this pretty much ends my reign of asking for diary reviews. Not worth it, especially if the reviewer doesn't put forth the effort, which is often.

Reviews 4 U = my review
This is the first review I have had in a long time. He does point out that sometimes, it feels like I am not coming out with all my emotions, which I do, because I don't understand them or can put them into words. He is also write that I write for myself, not so much for others. Good review all around. 90/100

Blinks-A-Lot Reviews = my review
Wow, two reviews in one day. Don't I feel special. Okay, well, I like this review site. Has some things that some don't, like first impressions and quotes. Just a good analysis on how I write. Yes, I am sometimes too honest with myself, but this helps. Just a great read.

EW Interviews = my interview
My summary of Chadwin: There's a little bit of everything here, from borderline philosophy to Google terms that somehow got people to his diary. He's been writing for a long time compared to most Diarylanders (try a year), which automatically gets my respect. The kicker, though, is that even his rambling and self-analysis type stuff is interesting.

Our Views = my review
Okay, what is the deal lately about people beginning my review late at night or when they are sleepy? It's a conspiracy I tell you! And yes yes, my entries lately have been a bit of boring crap, but like polkadot says, "I think my Muse is on break". I think mine is fighting. 91/100

R-E-V-I-E-W = my review
Eh, not a great review. Not very informative, but like she said, "Some of the content was out of my range, but I still enjoyed reading." What can you expect from a 15 year old girl who is reviewing a 23 year old guy? A 97/100 that's what!

Sugar Reviews = my review
It was a good review. Nothing I haven't heard before from any other review, but it was nice to hear it again. 95/100

Blur Reviews = my review
I don't know what to think about this review. It almost sounded like this reviewer thought I was a beginner, saying I had potential to have a good diary. Also, I was baffled by the lack of bonus points. I messaged her about it, and she says that it doesn't matter how many bonuses I have, but how unique they are. To me, that's two different issues. But, that's just me. 82/100

New Reviews = my review
Eh, it has been over 4 months and I really don't care. This has been my last review. I didn't care for it so much. Didn't have anything to do with the score, 76/100, just didn't like it that much.

my review
I would have to say that this review was pretty accurate in my writing abilities. They liked how I wrote and noted my emotion in my writing. The only thing I didn't like what her pointing out that I skip subjects alot. She suggested organization. Problem there is, that is they way I think. I jump back and forth from subjects, and if you step back, you will get the whole picture. Besides that, a 93/100 isn't that bad.

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